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With the continuous expansion of the service, the targeted groups we faced are from high school students to parents, school teachers, education administrators, and other related career workers. Visual design will be changed from the youthful, colorful and vital to more comprehensive considerations. Shijie's new visual design system is focused on the value of new products and services, to help them become efficient, simple, straightforward, and universal.

01 问题:原有设计已经跟不上业务发展
User and Bussiness Problems

1. Under the new business model, the brand is no longer limited to the activities of the student group. Original brand design has become very weak in brand input and interactive experiences for school decision makers, teachers, and parents.

2. As the career system of the SHIJIE becomes a core product, the original brand design and the matching visual solutions are not friendly enough in the digital user interface. In the case of a rapid increase in the number of users, the original UI can no longer meet the experience of multiple user groups.

(Above figure: The old vision system was built for young and dynamic students in middle school, which is very colorful and lively, but it no longer able to meet the requirements of business development currently)

02 新的设计概念:简洁而普世的美
Design for everybody and simplicity

SHIJIE's overall visual style is expected to shift from the original "vibrant youth" to the "reliable and authoritative career partner". In order to avoid the negative feeling, such as tradition and dullness by "authority and reliable", I try to describe it from the other side: authority, stability, reliable, is the basis for continued reputation, and can make the brand stand in the long river of time. So in the original visual concept, I chose to look for inspiration from the classic, universal and “beautiful experience” that everyone has to say.

Santorini is a classic beauty that can be felt by any individual. And then the question becomes: How to pass on our brand image and value in this universal beauty?

We propose two core concepts "Simplicity" and "Diversity". They are refined from the long-term practice of branding, interaction and content design in the SHIJIE and will be applied to brands, interactions, and content in the future.

Provide efficient and competent services to the school with a professional attitude

As a friend, prepare a rich and personalized experience for students

品牌 Brand

The simplicity of the brand is a pure feature of professional and reliable; The diversity of the brand is the symbiosis of the authoritative and the innovative image.

交互 Interaction

The simplicity of interaction is to satisfy the user to use the product in a simple, direct and efficient way.

内容 Content

The simplicity of content is only provided valuable information to the user. The diversity of content is presented in different forms around the user's content needs.

We also redesigned the LOGO and font according to the core design concept.

03 品牌设计应用
Reproduce the new design

Color applications

We continue to use blue-based brand colors. In order to enhance the different positioning products and services, and to make the color matching more universal, I added the Ultramarine as a supplement to Sky Blue. There are different options for color matching for differently positioned groups. For business customers, the color is mainly ultramarine with black blue, and the dark blue with low saturation is used with a straight line to highlight the authoritative and professional image. For the other customers and students, the color is mainly composed of sky blue and light blue, and lemon yellow and charm red are used as the decoration. The color graphics are more rounded, highlighting the image of creativity, diversity, and youth.

Digital User Interface

On the SHIJIE career system, the user interfaces visual design supports the goal of interaction experience: simple and efficient, reducing user cognitive burden and learning costs.

The Emotional Design of the Mascot

We hoped to have more emotional expressions for users, so we designed ShiJie's mascot -- JIEJIE. JIEJIE is an otter, we recruited him because of his hard-working. He was also unwilling at first, but later he found himself having a talent for various career roles, so he lived here.

WeChat Media

WeChat Public number, as a daily contact point for career educators and students, will also reflect new visual features in the content presentation, including article cover diagrams, content illustrations, content text, and decorative colors. We wanted to convey the role of a "trusted career content provider" in the overall visual presentation of the content.

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