Shixia App UI Design



Xiamen University

More and more people began to pay attention to good eating habits, and learn how mix nutrition to balance intake. A large percentage of healthy diet enthusiasts used a recording app to record diets and monitor their dietary intake by quantifying nutrients. The design of the ShiXia was aimed at the college students, providing dietary selection and monitoring services.

01 用户研究
User Research

Among the people who monitored dietary intake to keep health, college student accounted for a large part. Their long-term and stable meal in the school canteen require a more convenient way of monitoring dietary intake.


Students in Xiamen University
Pay attention to diet and have daily fitness
Not allow cooking in the dormitory
Mostly have meals in the school canteen


  • Every time he ordered, there were a lot of people behind him. The waiter kept urging. He can only order without many considerations, so he often orders some dishes that he should not eat.
  • It was not only troublesome to manually input the name and quantity of the dish every time he ate, but sometimes he could not find the right dish.
  • The ingredients in the canteen were complicated. The amount of oil used in the cooking process and cooking methods will affect the nutrients and calories of the dish.


  • Like ordering a takeaway, he could have plenty of time to compare and consider what he should eat.
  • Want to have a quick, easy and accurate way to recording of calories and nutrients that consumed.

User Scenario

One day he decided to go to the canteen to eat. He hurriedly ordered the meal under the influence of the crowd, then took out his mobile phone and used the app to record his diet today.

Initial Solution

Support students to order meals in the canteen through the mobile phone, and then take the barcode code to take the meal. The dish and its calories and nutrients are automatically recorded in a personal account and support data export.

For the initial solution, ShiXia decided to cooperate with the canteen in the Xiamen University. The canteen data helps the app to solve the student's order, food record and monitoring needs as a full-stack way, and the app can feed back the user data (anonymous) to help the canteen optimize and improve the food.

02 用户界面设计
User Interface Design