Voice Identity Experience Design



Alibaba Cloud & KTH

As virtual voice assistants, Siri and Cortana both had developed their own brands with mature VUI and voice identity. As a latecomer, YunOS, who hosted the brand concept of the Internet of Everything (IoE), wanted to provide a friendly voice visualization and a more user-friendly voice interface. Based on this, I explored dynamic characteristics of the voice identity.

01 系统语音助理小云形象设计
Visual Identity Design for Voice Assistant

In order to achieve the unity for both local part and global identity, with a perfect balance between the static and the dynamic, I referred to the many theories about fractal, trying to design a dynamic but balanced structure. Unlike another voice identity on the mobile phone, I did not use a simple geometric shape, but try to present a simple and efficient performance experience through an ordered structure. This voice identity we call 'XIAO YUN'. My design was inspired by research "Shape of Sound."

In order to better display the voice identity on the screen, and to allow tiny visual voice feedback to be perceived easily by the user, I designed incomplete shapes to maximize visual perception and interactivity.

The variation mechanism of XIAO YUN is: color is related to voice state (eg., standby state, activated state); speed and amplitude of motion are related to user sound properties (eg., frequency, loudness)

XIAO YUN can act as an integration of service and interaction in a certain scene, so that the voice assistant can truly become a personal assistant.

I placed XIAO YUN in the bottom of the screen, in order to make the visual representation of the entire voice interaction experience more natural and coordinated.

02 一个实时声音可视化设计
Real-time Sound Visualization Design

Thanks to inspiration form XIAOYUN, especially of its visual feedback, I began to explore a new idea that using visuality to record the sound around us. An environmental sound real-time recording system, with which the user can identify the visual graphics, and recall the meaning of the sound.

Recorded video: <声音可视化VisRecord>

The various characteristics of the sound are quantified by the Fourier transformation, and then affect the color, size, weight, transparency of the various parts in the graphics...

The design of the flower shape utilizes the characteristics that the human eye can only distinguish the limited number of frames, and the trajectory of the ellipse in different frames constitutes a seemingly "static flower shape". The timeline is drawn by every momentary sound.

Each moment is made up of entirely different sound properties.